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The project “Shān Yáng de Dào - Way of the Goat” is a video work exploring feral goats’ climbing skills to re-visit an inherently human condition - fear of heights.
The project portrays how these animals physically relate to space and to the landscapes they live in.

Shaolin Kong Fu/ Tai Chi constitutes a conceptual periphery for this work. Its' practitioners excelled mentally and physically through movement inspired by animals.

With this project we like to pay tribute to the skill and sensibilities of our significant climbing others - feral goats of Devon and Snowdonia and feral goats wherever they manage to survive.

This project is being supported by Safle (ceased work in 2010) through the Stiwdio Safle Award and developed through
the Small Wonders scheme of Picture This.

We are very gratefull for the substantial support of Charles Poulet, sound artist and Tai Chi disciple of the Wu Style, for developing the "Way of the Goat Exercises" with us.